Smarter. Faster. Safer.

The Time- Tested Engineered Solution to Remove, Repair and Replace Manholes.


More Cost Effective than Traditional methods of Setting or Repairing Manholes


Eliminate Infiltration and reduce Water Treatment Costs


5 times faster resulting in less Traffic delays


Eliminate the risk of serious Back injuries

our method

Using Industry leading technology and time tested materials, Canada Manhole provides a Economical, High Quality Solution that will have a minimum life span of 20 years. This Engineered Solution is 5 times Faster and significantly more Cost Effective than Traditional Methods of Repairing and Adjusting Manholes.

Engineered Solution

The days of using antiquated Construction methods to adjust and repair Manhole frames and Covers are over. No more cumbersome Concrete Riser Rings, Shims, Back injuries and Traffic Delays. Canada Manhole uses time tested materials to provide a durable Engineered solution.

Repeatable Results

A Standardized procedure using Concrete, Steel and PVC ensures a long lasting, inexpensive solution for a major problem in Civil Road Construction and Wastewater Management. Manholes that are Level and Watertight, everytime.