Why are there so many failing manholes?

Traditional Techniques

Manhole adjustments have not changed much over the last century. Traditionally, string lines and levels are used to estimate the elevation and grade, which typically results in an inaccurate adjustment. Also, the concrete rings and shims used to hold up the manhole casting are prone to structural failure, leading to sunken and leaking Manholes.

Traditional Results

Driving around you will notice that most manholes are not level with the road or worse yet, have started to fail. The Traditional Method inevitably leaves an expensive, time intensive legacy repair issue. 

Traditional Problems

Concrete riser rings and grout perform poorly in regards to the Dynamic loading of vehicle traffic. Grout is also very susceptible to cracking in a Hydrogen Sulfide environment, leading to groundwater infiltration through the failed manhole chimney structure.

A Manhole like this results in $1000’s per year in Water Treatment costs due to Groundwater Infiltration.

Traditional Repairs

Traditional Manhole Repairs are Capital and Resource Intensive. Even after the Traditional Manhole Repair is completed, the new Asphalt is prone to regular maintenance and future repairs. Once failure has started, it seems to be an never ending problem that constantly uses up valuable finite resources.


Our Engineered Solution for manhole Adjustments and Repairs


Significantly Cheaper than Traditional methods of Setting or Repairing Manholes


Possibly save $1000's a year per Manhole by Eliminating Infiltration and reducing Water Treatment Costs


5 times faster resulting in less Traffic delays


Reduce the potential risk of Worker injuries

our method

Using Industry leading technology and time tested materials, Canada Manhole provides a Economical, High Quality Solution that will have a minimum life span of 20 years. This Engineered Solution is 5 times Faster and significantly more cost effective than Traditional Methods of repairing and adjusting manholes.

Engineered Solution

The days of using antiquated construction methods to adjust and repair manholes are over. No more cumbersome concrete riser rings, shims, back injuries and traffic delays. Canada Manhole uses time tested materials to provide a durable Engineered solution.

Repeatable Results

A Standardized procedure using Concrete and Steel ensures a long lasting, inexpensive solution for a major problem in Civil Road Construction and Wastewater Management- Manholes that are level and watertight, everytime.


Canada Manhole will save Contractors and Municipalities Money and Time with our Engineered Solution.

  • Manhole and Valve Cover Repair
  • Mill and Pave
  • New Road Construction
  • Parking Lot Catch Basins


Our Team has decades of Construction and Engineering Experience in Road Construction


Our Systematic approach results in a Predictable, Repeatable repair


Save Thousands of Dollars in Fast, Efficient repairs and Reduced Water Infiltration

Perfectly Level

Our Methods Result in a Manhole that is dead level everytime

Our Approach

An Engineered, Standardized, Repeatable Procedure

The Quick History of Manholes in BC

First things first, lets discuss the Manhole Chimney Section:

Chimney Section

This is the space between the manhole top section and the casting. A failing manhole chimney is the reason for almost all the manhole failures.

And the typical result…

The reason why most manholes fall into disrepair so quickly is that there in no Engineered standard or repeatable method for the Contractor. Everyone adjusts manholes using different methods and materials.

So now that we know the main reasons for the failing manhole, lets look at the attempts that have been attempted to stop these failures.

Concrete Rings

Traditional Manhole repairs are capital and resource intensive. Even after the Traditional Manhole Repair is completed, the new asphalt is prone to regular maintenance and future repairs. Once failure has started, it seems to be an never ending problem that constantly uses up valuable finite resources.

PVC/ HDPE Risers

The ice cube tray idea didn’t really work out.

Telescopic Manholes

Expensive, tedious and typically needs repairs within a few years. Its an overcomplicated design that fails under any kind of serious loading.

I worked as a Road Inspector for 15 years and it was frustrating to drive projects a few years after completion and to see that most of the manholes were in some state of failure.

Ever year it seemed there was a new product that would finally fix this problem. Plastic risers, adjusting screws, telescopic manholes, grout… it was a never ending line of expensive, over complicated solutions. New product, Same result.

My goal was to provide a product that solves an issue that Civil Engineers have been grappling with while providing a fast, cost effective solution that will stand the test of time.

Tried and Tested Materials Only

Our goal is to make a Simple, Repeatable Engineered process using only Time Tested materials: Reinforced High Strength Concrete and Steel. No overcomplicated, expensive new products- just materials that we know work.

High Early Strength Concrete

Our Volumetric Concrete Mixer batches concrete that achieves 50 MPa and typically allows traffic to resume within an hour.

The City pays a lot of money to have these manholes repaired and replaced. Why do we accept a product that fails within a few years?

Manhole repair is a specialized operation like any other task in the Construction Industry. Manhole adjustments are tedious and time consuming and need specialized tools and skills to make them robust and strong. Canada Manhole is the only company dedicated to repairing and adjusting manholes. Our Quality, Cost effectiveness and Speed is unmatched.

We want to make Manhole repairs and adjustments more than just an after thought.