Parking Lot Repairs

Fix Parking Lots drains once and for all

Parking Lot drains

Typical Parking Lot Repairs

After only a few years, most parking lots suffer the same issue with their Catch basins. Repairs look terrible and don’t fix the issue.

Our Results

Our drains look great and are encased in Reinforced High strength Concrete. Even under the heaviest traffic, our repairs will last decades.

Parking Lot repair

Before and After

Repair these drains once and for all using our Cost effective solution

our method

Using Industry leading technology and time tested materials, Canada Manhole provides a Economical, High Quality Solution that will have a minimum life span of 20 years. This Engineered Solution is 5 times Faster and significantly more Cost effective than Traditional Methods of Repairing Catch basins


Our Team has decades of Construction and Engineering Experience in Road Construction


Our Systematic approach results in a Predictable, Repeatable adjustment


Never come back to fix a manhole again

Perfectly Level

Our Methods Result in a Manhole that is dead level everytime