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Canada Manhole was created to solve an important yet overlooked problem within the Civil Road Construction Industry. Current traditional methods for setting Manholes leads to an unacceptably short life span, dangerous driving hazards, excess Waste Water treatment costs and labour intensive repairs.

From our Decades of experience, our Team saw that there is a need to update the current methods of repairing and adjusting manholes. The Traditional methods results in a poorly engineered product that fails quickly and leaves the Owners with a costly repair.

With our knowledge and using State of the art technology, we can provide a soltuion that is robust enough to last decades and saves thousands of dollars in repairs and excess Waste Water treatment costs.


Our Team has decades of Construction and Engineering Experience in Road Construction


Our Systematic approach results in a Predictable, Repeatable repair


Save Thousands of Dollars in Fast, Efficient repairs and Reduced Water Infiltration

Perfectly Level

Our Methods Result in a Manhole that is dead level everytime

Top Ten reasons to use Canada Manhole

  1. 5 Times faster than traditional methods
  2. Significant Cost Savings
  3. Perfectly level with the road every time
  4. Permanently stops leakage
  5. Robust, time tested repair method
  6. Safety of repair crews
  7. Nicer appearing finished product
  8. Fully engineered specifications
  9. OSHA silica regs compliant
  10. Long Life Span