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There are two ways that our Approach will save you money: Fast, Reliable repairs and Eliminating Inflow and Infiltration (I&I).

We’ve done the math and compared the labor and material cost of traditional methods versus our Method. Here’s the lowdown on how our manhole cutters and repair system save money:

It used to be that manholes frames and lids were rarely adjusted and often not flush with the road even after a repair. It turns out there is a reason they are not repaired in a timely fashion: Traditional manhole frame and lid repair is expensive, dangerous for workers, and time-consuming, and City crews rarely have time to repair them.

Leaky Manhole Chimneys result in thousands of dollars wasted in unnecessary Water Treatment costs. Our Method will completely repair the Manhole Chimney of I&I and save possibly thousands of dollars a year per Manhole.

By comparison, our Approach is designed to allow a quick, high-quality, and accurate replacement of the frame and lid using a round cut. The entire process can be completed in 3 hours or less.

Lets Breakdown the Actual Costs

Based on a typical road repair

Our New Method vs. the Old Method

The majority of the savings comes down to the time involved in the process. By cutting the time needed to repair the manhole frame, you can save a lot of money. Also, material costs are also reduced due to the round cut. The Round cut produces a more Robust engineered design compared to the Square cut, and the reduced time saves money and Traffic interruptions.

Plus, where crews were getting one to two repairs completed in a day, we can complete 3 or more repairs daily. 

What this graphic doesn’t cover is the costs saved by improved worker safety. Since the majority of the heavy work is done by the tool, crews save their backs and avoid other injuries. Since the repair is done in about an 2.5 hours, risks from disrupted traffic are also reduced.

In Summary, our Method is superior to Traditional Methods because:

  1. Up to 30% Cheaper compared to the Traditional Repair Methods
  2. 3 Times Faster
  3. Less Traffic Delays
  4. Since it is all Machine constructed, less Worker injuries
  5. No More Shims, Bricks or Concrete Rings- Superior Engineered Solution with a 20 year Life Expectancy

Inflow and Infiltration (I&I)

Inflow and Infiltration is a massive problem with our aging Infrastructure. Millions of dollars of Water Treatment costs are wasted every year from  from leaky pipes and Manholes draining ground and storm water into our Sanitary system.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 25 to 60 percent of all flows into sewage lines are due to inflows and infiltration (I/I) The rubber hits the road, so to speak, at the sewage treatment plant, where all this extra water needs to be treated. The cost can be determined by simply multiplying the treatment cost by the plant capacity. For example, a 10-million-gallons-per-day plant treating infiltration will incur additional costs of $3,000 to $8,000 per day, adding up to over $1 million a year.

According to correlated data from pump manufacturer Gorman-Rupp, a one-sixteenth- inch crack around the circumference of a 27-inch diameter manhole chimney lets in 4,517 gallons per day. Using 100 rain event days as a baseline, that is 451,708 gallons a year, for one manhole, at a treatment cost of $1,355 annually. Widen that crack to an inch, and a municipality is looking at 1.1 million gallons per day, or 115.3 million per year, at an annual cost of $346,106. Again, this is for one manhole.

Conservatively, if a Manhole has a leak and is costing the Municipality $600 per year of additional Treatment costs, the Return on Investment (ROI) of using our Method of repairing the Manhole is about 50% per annum. Our system will immediately pay dividends and will last decades with no issues.

On March 12 2019, Metro Vancouver released a report called Controlling Inflow and Infiltration in the Metro Vancouver Area. This report is an in depth report on the issues and unforeseen costs we are incurring with our failing Storm and Sanitary Infrastructure. Canada Manhole can play an important part in helping solve and reduce the impacts of I&I. Our Engineered Solution is Cost effective and will provide immediate Returns on Capital. 

Our Method uses Time Tested Materials (Steel, Concrete and PVC) and has Proven, Repeatable results, everytime.